• How can we pay?
    We accept cheques and cash. We are willing to invoice business customers and invoice on a strict 30 day payment.

  • May we take as much luggage as we like?
    Yes, within reason. Some of our saloon cars have a limit on luggage space. If you plan to have a lot of luggage please inform us at the time of booking.
  • Can we smoke in the car?
    No, unfortunately we do not allow any smoking in our vehicles.
  • Can we stop en-route?
    We allow enough time for a convenience stop, should you prefer a meal/coffee stop, inform us at the time of booking so we can allow it in the journey time.
  • What if the flight arrives early?
    When we take the booking, we take your flight return number and times. We check the return flight details and adjust our travel time accordingly.
  • What if the flight is delayed?
    Upon your reservation for transfer service, we will ask you for your return flight details. We always check the arrival time before traveling for your collection and adjust our time accordingly.
  • Can you guarantee to turn up at 4 am?
    We always confirm your booking approx. 2 days prior to their outward journey. We will arrive 10 minutes early to your collection time.
  • We have a large family, how many passengers can you carry?
    We use vehicles ranging to carry 1 to 8 passengers. We can supply more than one vehicle for the journey.
  • Can you provide child safety seats?
    No, but we gladly use your own seats and keep it safe for your return journey.
  • Can we share?
    Yes, if we have an existing booking and both groups agree to share. We are able to reduce our rates for a joint service.
  • Do we have to share our vehicle?
    No, when you book our service, you book an exclusive vehicle.
  • Do you have modern vehicles?
    Yes, all of our vehicles are within 4 years old and we maintain them to a high standard. We place a high importance on your comfort. These aren't your usual taxis.
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